Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What to do ???

So, Here I am on the ol Blog thang.. not knowing even how to do anything yet fancy etc. because I haven't put any time into figuring stuff out. I haven't updated this in forever so I thought I would say hello, we are alive (even though somewhat anti-social) and life has been going on o.k.
Dylan is doing great- he is such a good baby I can't believe he is already 9 months old! Brenna is at a really good age and is starting to bloom- talk more and have an opinion. We still go to the feeding gal- but she is right around the 10th percentile for weight etc. so I am extremely happy with that. Just tonight she said "night mom" so grown. Laney has one day left of school tomorrow before taking a week off and then returning as a first grader!!! What?? I can't believe it- she did so well this year. I hope her teacher isn't a hard ball because Laney is sensitive...but she is so cute and grown too whaaa...
So Neal and I have been married 10 years can ya balee dat? Crazy..so for mothers day this year Neal got me a FLIP cam and so I have been using it to Vlog about stuff the fam. etc. it is really fun. I put my stuff up on youtube. Dunno why, but I am having a good time doing it. When the kids get a little older sometime I would really like to figure out editing more. If you wanna check us out and/or subscribe to my channel it is keykeylou so come visit sometime. It gives me something to do other than housework etc. and when the kids grow up some more I don't want to go back to school and work a ding dang 9-5 .. but who does? So I figure maybe in a few years or whatever who knows but it would be cool to have enough viewers to help Neal out (even if it only pays like a part-time job that would be awesome by me) I may finish my degree.. but I only ever really wanted to be a ma.. so I still have no inkling of what I'd study...just thinking out loud and down the road! That is what is new with me. Go check out keykeylou on the youtube search page and you'll find me making an arse of myself.
Me and Neal have a new calling as teachers for a marriage class. Hilarious... we both laughed until he was serious and said it was inspired and they thought about our dynamics and they thought it would make for some good dialogue. Well, we HAVE been married for 10 years, still love each other, still do stuff for each other, still having fun...so guess we'll throw some crap at em and see if they like it.. nah just kidding there is a manual etc. It will be fun having a real calling unlike my old one.
I am freaking starving right now and would really love Taco Bell right now except it closes in 5 min. shoot! Well I love everyone! Chat at ya later skater!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What is Bloging?

Sheesh.. I don't even remember how to blog...my life has been crazy these past 9 months or so since Briz was born. For those of you that don't know she doesn't eat...little things I always took for granted like.. umm feeding my kid has become a big ordeal in my life. Right now she can't/won't eat enough to gain enough weight so she has a NG tube which goes from her nose down to her stomach. We can put formula down in her belly so she can get calories to grow. She has had it for a month and a half. It has been a blessing and a curse. She has gained some weight, but I am not sure if it is hindering her progress of learning hunger/satiety. So anyways, after a long process of thinking it was silent reflux.. to MRIs and Endoscopies, upper GI scans etc. there is no physical reason she is not eating. (or one that we have figured out) Anyways, so everyone wants to put their two cents in like - oh it must be allergies, or have you tried giving her table food?, or have you let her explore food... to which I used to be more tolerant of but lately I just want to walk away from the person while they are talking. So, there are a lot of things I have to be thankful for. Brenna is a sweet and sensitive soul.. she loves Laney and laughs so much. It is great having two girls. Briz is aroung 16.4 pounds and she is 9 mo. old. last week she didn't gain any weight because she has started to crawl and pull up on stuff and she has been burning more calories. We will try and enroll her in a feeding program in Virginia.. which has a waiting list and ya have to go through a lot to get your insurance to pay for it... but going to a feeding specialist may not be enough- although she has made great progress. I think with time and prayers she'll eventually just get it, but right now it is hard. I feed her every 3 hours (tube her up..use her ng tube) and then 3 times a day we try and eat. She is so hit and miss. I love her to bits!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I have many beautiful flowers, but the children are the most beautiful flowers of all -Selfish Giant

When Laney was little- just seven days old.. I took all the flowers I got from friends and family and did an impromptu photo shoot... so I was going to do the same for Brenna but got busy and my flowers died. One day I came home to a message from Amber saying to look in the back yard -there were several colorful boquets of flowers to use for picts! Amber is so thoughtful- they were her flowers and still had lots of life left in them but instead she chose to share them and now I have some flower picts of Brizzel. Thanks Amber!

Laney the Water Horse

Ever since Laney saw the movie "the Water Horse"... well I'll let the picture do the talkin'...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Laney poops and undies

Lately- and maybe she is reverting a little or just isn't as busy now that preschool is out for the summer- Laney WILL NOT put her undies back on after she goes potty. Today I found about 5 pairs of undies - leftovers from when I would discover her nakeyness- I guess each time I made her get some on she'd get a new pair. That and she won't ever flush her poops down.. I dunno if she just likes to admire them or what- I know she doesn't really like the flushing noise but come on.. every time I go to use a potty there will be a Laney poop just waiting for me. Yesterday I found her stuffed rabbit in the sink all wet I asked her if it was from the sink water or the toilet water.. she said the sink but I don't know whether to throw it away or let it dry. The only thing is there was no water on the floor so I guess it prob. was the sink... she drives me nuts sometimes.. If she didn't have such a sweet face and lisp. I do love her to pieces!

Yes my blog is severley lacking

O.K sorry I have not done squat with this blog.. I need to find the time to really figure it all out... In the meantime.. here goes. Brenna is doing O.K- I am worried because she isn't gaining weight like she should.. especially since Laney was such a chunk.. but maybe with her starting solids it will help. She got her shots yesterday so of course she wasn't feeling that great = not a big appetite. Laney is always busy dressing up.. I am about to throw away it all.. I can't get her to put away any of it! So it ends up all over the house.. dresses, tiaras, wands, fairy wings, hats, shoes, ruffly who knows whats, and ribbons etc. I am going to try and post some of her dress up picts. That and Polly Pockets are what she is into right now.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brenna Jay

Just this week we went back to Victoria Kelly's to go over the pictures she took of our Brenna Jay. She always does a fabulous job putting the pictures with music as a slideshow presentation- My heart just filled up with love for my little girl... I really can't believe she is mine and I have a wonderful almost 4 yr. old and a loving husband and I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude. Even though sometimes I ask myself "Is this all that life is?" It is moments like these that make everything worthwhile and puts things into perspective. At the end I looked over and Neal needed a tissue :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We are geniuses

So today Laney doesn't want to eat her dinner- we were having a pot-pie type of meal with biscuits on top.. ya know lots of veggies. Well, I was going over the sam- I- am schpiel I give her when she doesn't want to try something new...finally she out and out declares " I want to eat junk food!" So me and Neal start eating, making faces and noises like the food is so delicious and then add..."ummm this vanilla ice cream is so good" ..."oh and this bite is a hershey kiss swirl with marshmallows on top"..."this bite of frosting with sugar sprinkles is scrumptious!" It worked like a charm and she would chime in "that is my FAVORITE!" I couldn't believe she ate most of her plate.. maybe it will work a couple times more :)